Scholarship awards are the backbone of the Miss Michigan Scholarship Pageant. The scholarship fund provides educational opportunities to many young women across the State of Michigan. The opportunity to contribute to the scholarship fund is offered statewide.


Generally there are only a few steps to follow to receive awarded scholarships.

Contestants, annually, must review and sign the appropriate Scholarship Rules & Regulations form to be eligible.

Scholarship payments are paid only to accredited institutions directly, student loans are not paid.



Miss Michigan $12,000 Arianna Quan 
First Runner-Up $5,000 Alexandria Strother
Second Runner-Up $4,000 Ashli Maser
Third Runner-Up $3,000 Shelby Gardiner
Fourth Runner-Up $2,000 Quinn Fischman
Five Semi-Finalists $1,500 each Mallory Rivard, Jaeleen Davis, Victoria Lines, Kaitlyn Krizanic, Emily Sioma
Non-Finalist Contestants 11-33 $500 each  
Preliminary Talent Award (Thursday)
Sponsored by Eagle Alloy
$500 Brooklynn Lambert
Kirsten Haglund Swimsuit Award (Thursday)
Sponsored by Local Executive Directors
$250 Ashli Maser
Preliminary Talent Award (Friday)
Sponsored by Eagle Alloy
$500 Arianna Quan
Kirsten Haglund Swimsuit Award (Friday)
Sponsored by Local Executive Directors
$250 Emily Sioma
Non-Finalist Talent Award (Saturday)
Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Michael Olthoff
$500 Brooklyn Lambert
Non-Finalist Interview Award (Saturday)
Co-Sponsored by John & Linda McKendry
$500 Mollie Smith 
Pam Eldred Community Health Scholarship
In Memory of her sister Melanie
$2,000 Shelby Gardiner 
Kaye Lani Rae Rafko-Wilson Community Service Award
In Memory of David Biniecki
$500  Victoria Lines
Miss Congeniality Award
Sponsored by Bonnie Adamczak
In Memory of her Mother
$500 Haleigh Fairbanks
Excellence in Interview Award
Co-Sponsored by Attorney John R. Mayfield Jr. &
Hon. Mabel Johnson Mayfield
$250  Kaitlyn Krizanic
Nicole Foco STEM Award $1000 Mallory Rivard
2016 Miss America Awards
State Community Service Award $1,000  Mollie Smith
State Academic Scholarship Award $1,000  Ashli Maser
2016 College In-Kind Scholarships
Baker College
Full Tuition for Miss Michigan
$45,000 Arianna Quan 
St. Norbert College
Tuition for Miss Michigan
All Four Runner-Ups 
$22,000 each
Arianna Quan
Alexandria Strother, Ashli Maser, Shelby Gardiner, Quinn Fischman